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B16.5 Threaded Flange/TH/BSP

B16.5 Threaded Flange/TH/BSP
Model: B16.5 TH
Product Description:

Threaded flanges is quickly connected with pipe with screwed.It's widely used in petroleum,petrochemical ,paper,pharmaceutical,food,bear,electricity,shipbuilding,natural gas and other industries. 
Presure: 150lbs,300lbs,400lbs,600lbs,900lbs,1500lbs,2500lbs 
Size: 1/2" to 24" 
Face: Raised Face(RF), Flat Face(FF) 
Material: stainless steel- F304/304L,F316/316L,F321/321H,F316Ti,F317/317L/317H, 
              duplix and super-duplis-F51,F53,F55,F60 
              alloy steel-F5,F9,F11,F22 
Screw Type: BSPP,BSPT

ASME B16.5
threaded flange connection
Technique parameter:

B16.5 TH

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